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Learn Business English in Potsdam, Germany – English | Skills | Advisory

What we do: Whether you wish to raise your level of English, prepare for an important presentation, communicate with international markets or need advice in dealing with overseas clients, Benchmarks is here to help.


“The past is always tense, the future perfect.”

Zadie Smith

Do we do grammar? Yes, but a whole lot more as well.

English and Skills

We offer tailor made courses to companies and individuals based on your specific needs. The courses are designed to be relevant and interactive with plenty of role play based on real life work examples. Our objective is to raise the level of English in speaking, including pronunciation, listening, reading, writing, with grammar covered under these categories.

Two for the price of one! Skills courses through English are also available with courses ranging from presentation and negotiation skills to managing meetings and intercultural competence. Please contact us for a complete list of available courses.

We provide a number of workshops based around specific skills or market sectors, e.g. tax advisers, auditors, legal, aviation, banks, real estate, pharmaceutical, natural science, etc. We also offer one-to-one coaching covering specific areas of your needs.

Our aim is that people can add to their knowledge at every session but most of all they enjoy the experience. As John Cleese said: “He who laughs most, learns best”. This is at the heart of the Benchmarks approach.


“He who laughs most, learns best.”

John Cleese


Translating and more

Translating work covers direct translation from German to English and proof reading/editing business English material prepared by non-native (or non business) English speakers. Our approach takes that extra step to ensure that your document is written as if drafted by a native business English speaker. We translate Annual Financial Reports, shareholder and investor reports, business correspondence, legal documents as well as all your marketing and sales literature including your web site.



One of our key objectives is to develop a long term relationship with a group of core clients. As part of this strategy we provide an advisory service based on our extensive international business experience.  While clients’ requirements may differ, possible areas for advice/consultancy include working with clients who are marketing overseas; dealing with international financiers; advising/assisting with negotiating start ups or joint ventures for clients with overseas customers etc. We can be your trusted partner in all these areas.



Our objective is to ensure that all our clients feel they get great value for money. It may even be possible for the course to be part funded by the state. Please contact us so that we can prepare a competitive proposal based on your specific needs.