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Because we understand your business needs. Because we will help you to develop your company. Because we will ensure that you achieve your targets.


“I know all those words, but that sentence makes no sense to me.”

Matt Groening

Many Germans can speak English with various degrees of confidence. However, even though they may understand the words, understanding what is meant can prove challenging, particularly when dealing with native English speakers.  For business people, understanding the culture not just the language is the key to developing a successful business relationship.

Having worked in business for many years we understand companies and their needs.We use our extensive work experience to deliver realistic business simulations which help clients practise and improve their language and management skills in a relaxed and informal setting. Having arranged many multi-million dollar loans we know the practical issues when it comes to negotiations. Having worked with people from many different countries we have first-hand experience of dealing with various cultures. Having made countless presentations to a wide variety of institutions we know how to get the message across to the international market.

We not only bring a wealth of experience to language and management skills but also when you need to communicate with your international stakeholders. We have been communicating with the business world since 1987, presenting our message to lenders, shareholders, public and private markets from Japan to the US. Let us help you present your message to the international community.